just leaving this here


Before it’s gone as just thoughts.

CreAtiNg form and strUcture


CreAtiNg form and strUcture

is mosTly pointless as life operAtes

without form and structure until it must, then it does.

so, creating form and structure and thinKing about it, onE Must abandon infinity as the form or thE structure because no form or structure can create infinity, it just exists of All the forms and structures We happen to possibly creAte.  =)

potential infinitY kind of makes me just want to turn up the music and dance away the day now fuquafukushimied.

New Form


Because the random truth can randomly shift at any time, so i shift now. I don’t know what i will shift to, yet know whatever it is, it will likely be similar to the random i just flowed with here for a while. I liked the connection of the concept and will use some elements again.