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“of the original 64, only 6 remained.” a storyteller

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imagesMama Ghana,

Are you turning in your grave?

Are we all doomed for the grave?

Have we doom, on your grave, engraved?

Don’t be bitter, we’re all not litter


Mama Ghana,

Be a little content

We hold onto our peace like fishermen and their paddles

Although our ship is in the middle of the unknown

And the storms scare dangerously


Yes, our power is showing us its Power,

It’s true our oil has been manipulated to make us toil

I know our earnings are gobbled by our debts

But cheer us on in hope


You see it all

Your resources in greedy pockets,

I know you see it all,

The corruption which walks in soft shoes

You see it all, our near fall

But be contented, and cheer us on


The 58 we’ve ate

Looks like our souls being eaten

But cheer us on Mama Ghana

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130 years of facial hair trends, in one chart


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An interesting article comes with the research – done in 1976.

Which I find especially interesting because I’ve had a beard fulltime since 1979. Had the occasional beard before then – but, that was the start of this critter been here on my face ever since.

School administrators wouldn’t let me have a photo in my high school graduation yearbook unless I cut my sideburns. I guess I’ve always had a tendency to hair – though that finally is diminishing with age. Get my annual haircut, this week, in fact.

Oh, 1979. I was on a peak-bagging walk through the High Peaks region of New York State – in November. I was damned if I was going to shave using water from creeks a half-degree above solid. And any backpacker, mountain walker, worth their salt knows you don’t waste fuel on silly things like heating water for shaving.

Once I…

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