as “mom”


as “mom” I think my heart beats no more to fix the auto corrected words I don’t like, like “I” vs. my preferred “i”, sigh, and initial capitalization, why?

only if it’s NECESSARY, should any script include extra shifts as the efficient use of logarithmic schemes boldly go best tangentially free, right?

i’m so, no, i’m SOOOOO grateful my daughter is comfortable with the distance i feel she can put between us (yes, even when we’re in the same room), yet she still maintains perfect connection to my lost soul wandering earth. as a youngster, it is good to have the confidence independence gives you even when the daily scene of life is a perpetual routine, patently, yet not always nor in all ways perfectly, secure, as we have, gratefully, learned together.

i am honored to watch the growth of my daughter into womanhood; these next two years will be powerful for her.

figure it out


figure it out
the way we speak
those pieces of thoughts
we choose to share
sometimes lost

bring on the battle talk
thinking of conflict over resolution
i remember the moment i chose for

i know

love wins



No Words


Even as the thoughts fill my head,
I have no words to share.

Thoughts huge and grand,
Yet, I have no words to share.

My thoughts have no true meaning
As I just lay here in my bed,
I’ve got no words to share.

Thoughts without actions to empower their force,
Leave me with no words to share.

Challenge the sickness that led to here,
Still finds no words to share.

‘Oh, wait,’ the past calls, ‘we’ve done plenty to share,’
And, maybe, those stories may be words to share.

Finding Words


Finding words when life is present
Discovers nothing worth saving.

Knowing life is present is a shocking
Revelation that everyone knows
Leaves the moment it is gleaned.

Repeating thoughts again
Wastes time.

Find something new to refresh your soul, words lift your veil.

Playing with Trolls


Even the most intelligent ones
Cause a mind to get exhausted.
Following their minutia leads down paths of thoughts where normal reality no longer exists, it’s all just the minutia.
They live in their own world and when they engage, try to be kind in your simplicity so they go along the way.

Lemon Water


Lemon water
Take me away
From all the thoughts
That my tap drops.

Such thoughts are toxic
Like what I drink
Building sores I cannot see
Which maybe will not actually be.

Sometimes it’s real, though
That toxicity.
Build me stronger than that
Cuz that’s life on earth.

#gratitude I do not live in Flint.