seriously … i figure my cosmic consort is still on another planet.

why?  because if i had a cosmic consort on planet earth, there would be NO way i would be alone right now.

seriously, he would just KNOW better and be here — or I’d at least know where he was and y he wasn’t here with me.

yeah, ‘he’ … i keep saying that … i wonder sometimes if my cosmic consort isn’t a he and maybe that’s where i’m going wrong.

sigh.  things to think about.  then go play on tumblr and pretend that internet porn is still a turn on … ….. …………..



da pleasure
of URpleasURe
in a tent by a river
in the summer sun while
playing revolutionary mortalities
with infinite mentalities
finding no thing 2
fear because
driven n
never can
be truly denied.

the humanity choice is necessarily one of true submission to the reality one desires
‘know thyself” and what place you sit in your reality that turns you on the most and then bring as much of the three dimensions to that reality as possible.  be in tym+space+vibration of urchoice and then perhaps you may experience something you will never forget and the question becomes can i live in peace with that knowledge?  and the truth is yes.  yes you can.
what you cannot live in peace with is your need to acknowledge that truth to yourself.
when in each moment of each day, whether you want to or knot, u know the
choice u made to maintain the discontent you choose to accept
the suffering you perceive you are experiencing because
you make the same choice today and really
do not know your reason why.

and all i want is to
feel what ur lips
feel like …